TEDxRheinMain event in Kronberg, Germany

Event description

Pretty much everything is data today. Which kind of naturally sums up to loads of loads of data. Or Big Data as we call it. Data itself not being good or bad the challenge that comes with it is: What are we going to do with it? At Datanauts we do not want to get stuck with the fraidy cats that only see the inevitable doom of evil in data. Sure, we definitely will have an eye on the dark side of it too.

But we rather have a look on the possibilities which are numerous and thrilling. That is why at Datanauts we will inspire you with a carefully selected choice of passionate speakers. Each of them a true data expert – thoughtful, innovative, passionate. Perfectly fitting to the TED motto of „Ideas worth spreading“. You are very welcome to join and experience a great time at Datanauts!

The Sound of Open Data

During my TED talk I take you through the creative and technological possibilities of data sonifications as well as show examples of my own projects that turn open data into auditory experiences.

Watch my talk below and visit the TEDxRheinMain website to learn more about the event and speakers.

Fall 2015